Master’s of Arts in the Professional Practice of Anthropology

Basic Coursework Requirements

1. Seminars in two of the four core graduate seminars in professional practice and theoretical foundations (see below) (3 credits; total of 6 credits)

2. One course or seminar in analytical skills for qualitative and/or quantitative data (3 credits)

3. One course or seminar in professional writing (e.g. scientific writing for publication, federal compliance reporting, grants writing) (3 credits)

Additional Requirements for the Degree

1. One semester of hands-on field work or internship (usually during the summer), with the option of a second as thesis research

2. One paper for presentation at professional organization or one paper  for publication in a journal/proceedings/book chapter or other professional venue.  The presentation may be poster, podium or multimedia.

Core Courses 

The MA in Anthropology consists of the following foundation courses:

APY 601 Advanced Seminar in Archaeology, Theory and Practice 3
APY 602 Advanced Seminar in Cultural Anthropology 3
APY 603 Advanced Seminar in Biological Anthropology 3
APY 604 Advanced Seminar in Linguistic Anthropology 3
APY 612 Advanced Medical Anthropology 3
APY 690 Teaching Anthropology 3
APY 805 Graduate Internship: Professional Practice of Anthropology 1-9
APY 810 Master's Degree Thesis Preparation and Writing 1-9
Total Credit Hours 20-36

Other Competencies Required for the M.A.

1.  Foreign language (mandatory) – demonstrated competency in the language of the country in which the applicant will work is expected.  The language requirement may be met by analysis and translation of historical documents in a language other than English, or translation into English of three scientific articles from peer-reviewed journals pertaining to the professional practice of anthropology published originally in a foreign language.

2.  Nine graduate-level credits outside of Anthropology (mandatory) – These may be from a suggested list of electives and/or may be designed as a graduate cognate by the student with guidance from his/her advisor.

For more details see the academic bulletin.