Traci A Ardren



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Traci is an anthropological archaeologist interested in New World prehistoric cultures. Her research focuses on issues of identity and other forms of symbolic representation in the archaeological record, especially the ways in which differences are explained through gender. Current preoccupations include the role of cuisine in identity formation...

Ann W. Brittain

Assoc. Professor


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Dr. Brittain studies intra-American migration and demography, with an emphasis on reproductive decision-making in the Caribbean. Dr. Brittain is Undergraduate Program Director for the department

Karlisa Alicia Callwood

Lecturer - ECS


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Caleb D Scotti Everett



(305) 284-2535
Caleb's research examines language and its interaction with nonlinguistic cognition, culture, and the environment. For more information and a more complete list of Caleb's publications, visit his personal site.

David W. Forrest

Research Associate Professor


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Pamela L. Geller

Associate Professor


(305) 284-5091
Pamela L. Geller is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Miami. Over the years, she has conducted fieldwork in Hawaii, Belize, Honduras, Perú, and Haiti. Her intellectual interests include archaeology and bioarchaeology, feminist and queer studies, materiality of identity, the sociopolitics of the past, and...

Louis Herns Marcelin



(305) 284-8493
Dr. Marcelin is a sociocultural anthropologist whose research focuses on anthropology of family and kinship in the Americas. His research also examines questions related to health and human security, and the roles of power, violence, and marginalization in society (particularly in Brazil, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the United States). He...

Steven Moran

Associate Professor


Steven Moran is a language scientist trained in computational linguistics, linguistic field research, and language teaching. His research interests include the evolution of (spoken) languages, including worldwide analysis of linguistic diversity, and how children can acquire any language. At the University of Miami, Moran is an associate...

Stephanie Musgrave

Asst. Professor


(515) 770-9671
Stephanie Musgrave is a biological anthropologist interested in the evolutionary origins of culture and technology. Her research focuses on the social, cognitive, and ecological underpinnings of primate tool use. Stephanie is particularly interested in understanding what factors shape the diverse tool traditions of wild chimpanzees through the...

Claire Oueslati-Porter

Senior Lecturer


(305) 297-0865
Claire Oueslati-Porter is an anthropologist (Ph.D. at University of South Florida, 2012). Oueslati-Porter is a core lecturer in the Gender & Sexuality Studies program at University of Miami, where she teaches courses including Introduction to Gender & Sexuality Studies, Gender in the Middle East and North Africa, and Gender and Forced...

William J Pestle

Associate Professor


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Dr. William J. Pestle is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Miami. He is an anthropological archaeologist and bioarchaeologist who specializes in the study of the lifeways of the ancient Indigenous peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, and he has active archaeological field projects in...

Theresa Pinto

Lecturer - Ecosystem Science and Policy


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